Ericsson Assam and NE

3G node B, LTE RFI
Cost – 60 Lc.

DHL Assam and NE

Transportation Services
Project Since 2015
Cost – 3.5 Cr

Ericsson Rajasthan

MW link Rjio project
Cost – 30 Lc.

Huawei Assam and NE

MW link Project
Cost – 6 Cr.

Vodafone Assam and NE

Project going since- 2011
Work – BTS, MW Implementation
Civil Foundation
Transportation and Packing of Material
Approx cost – 14 CR.

Telenor MRO Project Assam

Project Going  since- 2017
Work – MRO ( Integrate, SCFT, Drive )
Operations and Maintenance of Sites
Cost 3 Cr

Nokia Rajastan

3G NODE B ( Vodafone )
Project Going since 2017
BTS Installation, GSM Swap
BTS Dismentle

Telenor Westbengal

Project Going since 2016
Dismantle of Sites, Logistics,
Cost – 2 Cr